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Ask us about our vended water program, produce misting/fogging and water filtration for other water consuming equipment. Water is in everything, don’t let everything be in your water!

Produce misting in a grocery store

Did you know?

Using Fogmist in your grocery produce case uses less water than traditional misting systems and still maintains optimal humidity levels!

Offering a water vending program in your stores can reduce plastic waste, significantly!

All tap water contains millions of impurities, including many that you can’t see or smell. With our filtration systems installed, you can elevate the taste of your menu items and improve the functionality of your restaurant equipment instantly!

Why choose In-Store Water Systems?

  • Canadian-owned & operated
  • 30+ years in business
  • NSF-certified products
  • Unbeatable quality, service and price
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Find out how clean your water is with a free water analysis from In-Store Water Systems. We’ll conduct a home water chemistry analysis and create a customized water treatment plan just for you.

Superior drinking water for you and your family

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Control your water quality and experience fresh, filtered water.

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Enjoy an unlimited supply of clean water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water.

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Experience clean water at your fingertips with easy installation and no heavy bottles to lift.

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In-Store Water Systems serve Canada’s leading food service and grocery brands from coast to coast.  Here are some of the trusted partners we support.
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The water is so crisp! We’ve been coming for years. Efficient self-serve service and helpful staff when I needed some assistance.

— A English

I have been buying water from In-Store Water Systems for as long as I can remember. The staff has always been friendly and provided great customer service.

— S Fairman

Clean install. No issues. Everything works great, and we’re enjoying the new system.

— B D’Souza

I have been a long-time customer of In-Store Water Systems and think this business is wonderful.

— S Biagioni

The quality of the In-Store Water Systems water-softener systems and RO drinking water systems are excellent.

— S Adamo

The refilling stations are conveniently located and are very well kept. The staff are friendly and accommodating.

— R Padua

I highly recommend In-Store Water Systems for their professionalism, friendly staff and prompt after-sales service.

— D Malcolm

In-Store Water Systems has always provided us with prompt, dependable customer service from the day they installed our system right through our annual servicing.

— N Biagioni

I have been a loyal customer of In-Store Water Systems for years now, and they never disappoint.

— T Ngo

Booking the appointment was easy. The installer was great and did a fantastic job. The system is running beautifully. Highly recommend In-Store Water Systems. A++

— B Smith

Their refilling system is convenient and easy, and they also have great pricing compared to other brands.

— C Dibuja

My system has really helped me with my skin problems, especially in the summer and winter.

— N Kasarr

My water has never tasted better. Good customer service with knowledgeable staff.

— S Murray

I’ve been going to In-Store Water Systems for almost 15 years, and their service has always been great.

— S Lochner

Customer service is fantastic. Always so pleasant and helpful. Love our reverse osmosis water system and soft water system!

— T Kalsi

Years of great customer service and delicious water. I come down every week from my place just to buy their water. I highly recommend this place.

— A Sadat

Family owned company with a focus on quality water at an affordable price, combined with great customer service.

— N Bourne

Great water. Very convenient filling stations. Love using the dolphin water pump they sell.

— R Goebel

Great water and extensive filtration process! Definitely recommend!

— B Bajnauth

Love their water filtration system! I have been drinking their water for years!

— D Jeyakumar

Great service. Love coming here!

— E Ozabor

Very knowledgeable staff. I will definitely be back at this store.

— D Newman

We have had their water system for years now and cannot imagine having anything else.

— S Nikolov

Amazing service and been with them for over 10 years.

— J Frangella

Awesome staff and great service. I would recommend them to anyone.

— A Guido

This is where I’ve been getting my family’s drinking water for the past 10 years.

— M Galloway