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Water sustains all life on our planet and is our most valuable natural resource. But climate change poses serious challenges to our water supply and the environment. One of the worst contributors to waste is single-use plastics. 

A bottle of water doesn’t just create waste when it ends up in a landfill; manufacturing one requires more water than the bottle itself will hold. What’s worse, more than 85% of water bottles get tossed into the trash rather than the recycling bin.

Save the planet.
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Our water refill services completely eliminate the need to purchase expensive, wasteful and environmentally harmful single-use plastic water bottles. In fact, for every grocery store we work with, we eliminate more than 70 million single-use plastic bottles.
Using an In-Store Water System cooler replaces more than 1400 single-serve water bottles every year (and that’s on top of the hundreds of dollars of cost-savings).

The In-Store Water Systems
Sustainability Commitment

Our water sustainability commitment is focused on supporting sustainable water practices, and promoting responsible water use throughout our operations and communities.

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